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Cabinet Coolers

November 2012

EXAIR Cabinet Coolers are a reliable, low cost way to cool and purge electronic control panels. If you have any type of control panel that has overheating issues during the warmer months of the year, then the air driven vortex tube (stainless steel construction) is an ideal way to cool down your cabinet.  It can be installed in just a few minutes with minimal interruption to your process.

There are many ongoing benefits of using an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler over other cooling methods:

Low Cost

Quiet - less than 75dBA


No moving parts or maintenance

EXAIR Cabinet Coolers

Purges hot air from the panel

IP rating of the cabinet can be maintained

Stabilises temperature and humidity

No dirt/dust contamination inside cabinet

Thermostat controllable for optimum

Special models available including:
316SS, high temperature and purging.

– EXAIR Cabinet Coolers –
Stop electronic control downtime due to heat, dirt and moisture now!


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EXAIR Cabinet Coolers

Simply fill out the Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide and we will do the calculations to select the correct cooler for your panel.

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Cabinet Coolers

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