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Vaculex Range

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Efficient, versatile, simple to install and user-friendly. Vaculex® Vacuum Tube Lifters are designed to lift a variety of objects (from suitcases to boxes to auto parts, building materials to food sacks, glass sheets to crates) weighing up to 200 kg. For ‘weightless’ moving, loading and stacking of objects. Complete system includes pump, vacuum hose, lift tube, control unit and suction foot or gripping tool.

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KENOS Foam Vacuum Gripper Range

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Italian innovation backed by the international resources of the PIAB Group. Kenos® provides a turn-key solution for automated gripping of objects of different shapes and sizes – such as building materials, glass, stone, wood, metal sheets, packaging, bags, sacks, food items and electronics. A large product range is available to suit specific applications – either foam, vacuum cup or combined foam and vacuum cup grippers. Vacuum supply is provided either by integrated multi-stage COAX® vacuum generators or side-channel blowers.

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JOULIN Gantry Robots

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Automate feeding of high speed production lines, stacking and de-stacking timber. Designed for a wide variety of object sizes, weights and materials.

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JOULIN Mini Grippers

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Versatile – designed to replace vacuum ‘cups’ to easily pick up ‘difficult’ products with uneven and rough surfaces – without adjustment. Also ideal for tight clearance applications.

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JOULIN Turbines & Blowers

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Wide range of turbines with maximum flow rates up to 1800 m³/h; max vacuum up to -550 mbar and maximum power of 43 Kw. Extremely reliable, high quality blowers that are not affected by dust, cardboard fibres and most ‘dry’ contaminants. Filters are available to separate sand, brick chips and larger, more abrasive contaminants. Blower control modules, silencers etc available.

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