Case Study: CLT – Cross Laminated Timber Manufacturer

Pneumatic Product’s vacuum specialist, Edwin Verhoeff, was recently involved in the supply of two large scale Joulin vacuum gripper devices for a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) manufacturer.

Brief: Pneumatic solutions for new CLT manufacturer

A large timber products manufacturer was establishing a new CLT plant in New Zealand and required large vacuum devices to handle the long length lamella and finished panels up to 16 meters long and weighing up to 8 tons. 

Solution: Joulin vacuum gripper devices specific for CLT

The customer trusted Edwin’s recommendation of Joulin equipment due to their significant experience supplying vacuum gripper systems to the timber industry (50+ years) and their specific understanding of CLT manufacturing. The customer also appreciated the local support offered by Pneumatic Products throughout the supply process and beyond.

The first gripping device, in conjunction with gantry cranes, transfers the long length lamella into a vacuum bed and then transfers the raw CLT panel out of the bed when this production process is complete.

The second device transfers smaller CLT panels up to 4 tons and parts of panels, into and out of the CNC finishing line area.

Result: Successful commissioning and a satisfied customer

Edwin was involved in this project from the initial scope, throughout the design process, supply of the devices and commissioning. He liaised with the gantry crane supplier to facilitate the integration of the vacuum gripping device’s control functions into the crane’s remote control system for the operator’s seamless control of gripping and movement of the lamella layers & panels.

Following this, these grippers were successfully commissioned and put into production. The customer was so impressed with the performance of these vacuum gripper devices, they have since ordered another 5-ton CLT panel vacuum device to enhance production capacity.

Project specifications

  • Large scale timber lifting with Joulin Vacuum Gripping Device
  • 2 devices: 1 for Long Lamella and Large CLT Panels & 1 for CLT panels only
  • Device 1 for long lamella up to 16m and CLT panels up to 16m and 8 tons
  • Device 2 for CLT Panels only up to 4 tons for the CNC finishing line.
  • Design, build and supply with local support required

Considering installing timber transfer machinery in your plant?

If you are considering installing timber transfer machinery in your plant, be it CLT production or Stacking & Destacker timber contact Edwin Verhoeff, our Industrial Vacuum Specialist. No matter the project size, we can help with your vacuum handling requirements.