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Introducing the Kenos® KCS Gripper for collaborative robots. KCS is a foam gripper with COAX® ejector inside that enables collaborative robots to handle just about anything, anywhere, at any time. The KCS is the perfect small business all-rounder. The modular, plug-and-play design means it can be adapted for universal use within your company. It is configurable, and you can create the exact model you need, with all documentation in hand.

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Pneumatic Products supply only the “world’s best” equipment when it comes to gripping, handling and moving your products. JOULIN Foam Vacuum Grippers make the handling process easy and can move and palletise/depalletise items such as cans and tins (open or closed), buckets and barrels, cardboard cartons, all the way up to heavy-duty materials such as car batteries, bricks, cement blocks, finished wood, and rough-sawn timber. JOULIN Foam Vacuum Grippers are able to lift a variety of surfaces, both even and uneven, smooth or rough. JOULIN invented the Foam Vacuum Gripper over 60 years ago, and their experience in arduous conditions have resulted in designs that are reliable, provide longevity, and make them world leaders in this gripping technology.



JOULIN Foam Vacuum Grippers are your solution to gripping and handling a wide variety of materials and products. JOULIN Foam Vacuum Grippers can be integrated into your workflow to move your products reliably with long life, precision, and ease. Always one step ahead, JOULIN Foam Vacuum Grippers can grip and lift virtually any material. JOULIN Vacuum Grippers can transfer food in soft plastic bags and sachets, cardboard cartons, shippers, cosmetics, individual bottles or packs of bottles, as well as cement blocks, bricks, and roof tiles. JOULIN Foam Vacuum Grippers are your materials handling solution.

Pneumatic trouble shooting

Wim Verhoeff explains the common misconceptions of valve and cylinder leakages through this Pneumatic trouble shooting.