Anti Bacterial Compressed Air | CKD | Pneumatic Products

CKD Anti-Bacterial Filters

CKD Anti-Bacterial Filters prevent & remove bacteria from compressed airlines. This is essential within the food industry for applications where compressed air is used for blowing, mixing & cleaning both food products & parts that come into contact with foods. Interested in how it works? Find out more by contacting our team today. Our team can … Read more

Nitrogen Gas extraction unit | CKD | Pneumatic Products

CKD Nitrogen Generators

Looking at ways to reduce your running costs? CKD Nitrogen Generators negate the need for costly Nitrogen gas cylinders being supplied, stored & serviced. Nitrogen is simply supplied, via the compressed air supply, via the separation of Nitrogen & Oxygen. Find out more about The NS Series by contacting our team today. Our team can provide further information, assisting you … Read more

High Durability Component HP Series | CKD | Pneumatic Products


Reduce production loss and achieve high productivity, resulting in carbon neutrality. CKD HP – High Productivity – products are aimed for usage in high-cycle and/or arduous conditions, where longer life of pneumatic components is required. CKD HP products can have up to 4 times the life expectancy when compared to standard CKD pneumatic parts. Predictive maintenance can also … Read more

Joulin Medley For Pneumatic Products - Vacuum Handling Machines

Joulin Vacuum Handling Applications

Take a look at Joulin Vacuum Handling products in action. Cardboard box handling and palletizing, depalletizing layers of cans and bottles, palletizing tins, barrels or wrapped products and more. For more than 50 years Joulin has been the leader in vacuum handling systems. To learn more about solutions for your business or warehouse, contact our … Read more

Image of the de-stacker and replaced grippers in action in the factory

Case Study: De-stacker Upgrade

Pneumatic Product’s vacuum specialist, Edwin Verhoeff, was involved in the retrofit of a customer’s Timber Gantry de-stacking system due to poor grip performance and reliability from a competitor’s gripper design. Brief: Problems With Existing Competitor Gripper  The company was experiencing issues with their existing gantry system supplied by a competitor from initial installation.  This included … Read more

Joulin vacuum gripper devices

Case Study: CLT – Cross Laminated Timber Manufacturer

Pneumatic Product’s vacuum specialist, Edwin Verhoeff, was recently involved in the supply of two large scale Joulin vacuum gripper devices for a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) manufacturer. Brief: Pneumatic solutions for new CLT manufacturer A large timber products manufacturer was establishing a new CLT plant in New Zealand and required large vacuum devices to handle … Read more

Safe Vacuum handling Joulin Pneumatic Products

Safe & Light Foam Vacuum Gripper

Design for CoBot, the Safe & Light Foam Vacuum Gripper can lift up to 20 times it’s weight!  The Safe & Light Foam Vacuum Gripper from Joulin can handle all your products without any adjustment from cardboard boxes, to slip sheets, cans, wood boards, shrink wrapped packs and many other products and packaging. Valves technology … Read more


JOULIN introduces the new Speed Stacker

JOULIN has extended its range of stackers with the new Speed Stacker, dedicated to the needs of lumber stacking after a band saw or sorting after a dry kiln. This new 4-axis stacker is driven by a radio control and also integrates the latest generation of SEW USOCOME servomotors: this technology gives it fluid and … Read more

PIAB introduces the MX suction cup family – The #1 Item picker

  The MX suction cup family is the #1 item picker. The multi-purpose suction cup offers extreme gripping capabilities on many surfaces. Excellent for handling difficult products, the MX suction cup family also offers exceptional sealing capability at lower vacuum levels means less vacuum flow is required and therefore saves you energy. Plus, the lower … Read more