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Did you know we assemble air cylinders at our Seven Hills facility?

Air cylinder assembly

As Christmas draws closer and the holiday break looms, many of our clients will be feeling the pressure. And, when an air cylinder fails, it can result in unwanted production down-time. The team at Pneumatic Products recognise that emergencies happen and we’re proud to provide urgent fabrication and assembly services for three of our most popular air cylinders, including: 

We have a wide range of bore sizes, including standard and special strokes up to two metres. Plus we have a wide range of mountings and sensors available to suit your specific set-up. Also ask us about assembling Lanamatic rodless cylinders.

Fabrication services while you wait

Because we know that time is money, we can provide urgent assembly services while you wait, within just one hour. If you’re not nearby our Seven Hills facility in NSW and can’t come in for over-the-counter sales, we can also provide overnight delivery so ensure you’re up and running in no time. 

We are a family-run business with firm customer service values that extend to every part of our business. And, for that reason, we don’t impose minimum order quantities. No matter how small your job might be, talk to us about how we can help. 

To help complement your factory, we stock a wide range of pneumatic and vacuum components including:

  • PISCO push-in fittings
  • Brass fittings
  • Tubing
  • PIAB suction cups and pumps
  • ODE brass & SS General Purpose valves
  • Angle seat valves
  • CKD pneumatic and solenoid valves
  • Air Service Equipment
  • EXAIR air knives
  • Vortex Cabinet Coolers and 
  • Air optimising products. 

Last pneumatic orders for 2019

If you’d like to order pneumatic or vacuum products before 2020, make sure you place your order by 5pm Friday 20 December for delivery before Christmas.  We will close at 12pm Tuesday 24 December and reopen on Thursday 2 January for trading. 

We wish you and your family a very joyous and safe Christmas break and we look forward to working with you in the new year. 

Piab Takes Vacuum Conveying to a Whole New Level

piflowsmart image


Need to improve your manufacturing efficiency and performance? Pneumatic Products is proud to distribute a self-optimising vacuum conveyor by our official stockist, Piab


Machine learning at Pneumatic Products 

In a world-first, piFLOW®p SMART uses a combination of smart software and sensor technology to assist industries in handling a number of materials at a time. Dubbed the ‘Changeover Champion’, the conveyor provides a quick changeover of materials and allows entire volumes of containers to be utilised in minutes. Suited to those in the food and pharma industries, the vacuum conveyor is designed to increase the productivity of operations by smoothing out the processes of changing materials and adapting to your needs. 

piFLOW®p SMART is a complete system, utilising a vacuum created with compressed air and Piab’s COAX technology and the system’s Electrical Control Unit which automatically controls the pump. 


Parts of the vacuum conveyor include:

  • The Pipeline Emptying Unit with a vertical lift of between eight and 25 metres which ensures the conveying lines are properly emptied, preventing blockages. The vertical pipeline sections are cleared following each suction cycle which can be adjusted by the electrical control unit. 
  • Level Sensors are calibrated and optimised for each material and are strategically placed to prevent overfilling and monitor the emptying process. 
  • The Air Carrying Unit automatically sets and continuously adjusts the air carrying ratio during the entire cycle. Using machine learning in the integrated unit, it eliminates the need for feed adaptor tuning and guarantees optimal transportation of materials. 

Designed to be easy to use and install, piFLOW®p SMART is operated through a user-friendly touch screen with built-in features such as air-assisted sensor cleaning. The continuous auto-tuning also allows processes to run as smoothly as possible.


Smooth processes with piFLOW®p SMART

Promoting both performance and productivity, piFLOW®p SMART allows you to change materials up to six times faster. Changes that would normally take one hour in a conventional vacuum conveyor take just ten minutes in piFLOW®p SMART! Plus, changeover times aren’t the only process smoothed out. This is because the tuning of discharge time is no longer dependent on the skills and experience of operators – which will save you both time and money.

The new vacuum conveyor has the ability to store material settings and offer further performance and productivity enhancements, guaranteeing a flawless flow in every conveying cycle. From configuring itself and adjusting quickly to settings, to taking into consideration the environmental conditions of temperature and humidity, it beats even the most experienced operator. Best of all, it requires minimal maintenance so you can focus your time and energy on more important tasks. 


Looking to promote your productivity?

Promote your productivity with the seamless performance of piFLOW®p SMART by official stockist Piab, and place an order by calling 1300 476 386 or emailing

Piab releases piCOBOT® for Universal Robots

Piab – a market leader in automated smart solutions – has released its newest vacuum gripper, piCOBOT®.



A revolution in automated manufacturing

Piab’s piCOBOT® has been certified by the worldwide leader in collaborative robotics, Universal Robots.

Collaborative robots (also known as cobots) are a safer and smaller alternative to workplace environments. Cobots are expertly designed to work alongside humans, rather than within a protective enclosure.

Usually, collaborative robots only have a payload of up to 10 kilograms, whereas traditional multi-axis robots have payloads of up to 500 kilograms. Due to the limited payload of the smaller collaborative robots, they are much more ‘sensitive’ to human contact and as such are designed to come to an instant stop should this contact occur. This, therefore, means that piCOBOT® is extremely safe, and doesn’t need to operate within a safety enclosure.


The collaborative piCOBOT®

piCOBOT® is a cleverly equipped end-of-arm vacuum tool offering ergonomic, adaptable and user-friendly solutions to those working in the manufacturing industry. Its compressed air-driven vacuum works as an “extra pair of hands”, flexibly co-working alongside human employees in a variety of production, packaging and assembly lines.

It features the company’s signature vacuum technology to enable efficiency and productivity in working environments. These gripping and moving solutions help industries improve overall energy consumption and safety to reduce the risk of injury to your team.



piCOBOT® comprises of a vacuum pump unit, a gripper unit and two suction cups. A standard kit includes four sets of different suction cup models suitable for a range of work-types, however, customers can choose from the extensive Piab range for more tailored solutions.

It features plug-and-play extensions to the latest cobots and URCaps plug-in software to ensure easy programming and quick installation of piCOBOT® to your workplace. It also features soft design lines to ensure zero injuries if collisions occur, COAX® cartridge technology for reduced energy consumption, and piSAVE® Sense valve integration for object sensing technology.

The compact 69-millimetre low built height design ensures maximum flexibility and reach, with 97-142 mm wide and +/-15 degree tiltable gripper arms. Despite the build of piCOBOT® weighing in at only 510 grams with additional gripper at 210 grams: the cobot is strong for its size, lifting objects up to seven kilograms in size, making it the perfect collaborative robot tool.


Improve workflow and productivity

To learn more about Piab’s piCOBOT®, download the brochure. To speak to our professional team about this innovation, please call 1300 476 386 or email

Pneumatic Products case study: Corinthian Doors


Image courtesy of Corinthian Doors


From small businesses to manufacturing giants, Pneumatic Products offers value and results to companies all over Australia.

Pneumatic Products is proud to work with Corinthian Doors, a JELD-WEN company, which is Australia’s largest timber door and window manufacturer. This month, we profiled the business to learn more about how they use pneumatic products and workflows to improve efficiency.

Paul Catton is the Corinthian Doors Engineering Manager and works out of its largest manufacturing site in St. Mary’s, Sydney. He says a typical day for his team starts with toolbox meetings that cover safety, manufacturing and work lists. Operations is a big part of the day at Corinthian Doors, and this organisation is key in managing production, materials, designs and upcoming work requirements.

Tubing, fittings and compressor valves are the ‘cogs and wheels’ inside of Corinthian Doors machinery, helping to make each beautifully designed and crafted timber door.

“We use Pneumatic Products for its range of pneumatic equipment such as hoses, fittings, valves, cylinders, gauges, and suction cups,” Paul says. “We predominantly use pneumatic hoses and fittings in a Kanban manner to ensure we have suitable fittings and hoses in the case of any pneumatic failure before, after or during projects.”

Pneumatic Products in real-time

Missing or unusable parts means time lost for businesses, so Pneumatic Products offers a Kanban service which includes regular onsite checks of stock levels and consumable parts, such as flow control fittings and push-in fittings. “The team always come with replacements and fittings on-hand, should any last minute changes or replacements need to be made immediately,” says Neal Hide, Sales Manager at Pneumatic Products.

Paul says the team at Pneumatic Products are extremely easy to deal with from the first enquiry, through to goods supply, procurement and invoicing. “Pneumatic Products are very timely with their responses to urgent queries or requests, and always provide fantastic service in managing our pneumatic supplies.”

Need Pneumatics?

Pneumatic Products provides prompt and timely services to keep your business on track. We provide call-out services to certain areas in NSW, pneumatic parts management, and information and training to staff.

Get in contact with us today to see how we can assist your business.

Piab releases detectable suction cups for food

Piab Detectable Metal Suction Cups for food image

Pneumatic Products is proud to now distribute metal detectable suction cups by Piab — the market’s largest supplier of suction cups.

Improved food safety

Piab’s new range of suction cups are blue and detectable, so small parts of cups that might come loose will be easily discovered by vision cameras and metal detectors. All of Piab’s suction cups and fittings have a hygienic design in accordance with food standards, making them easy to clean.

Additionally, the material is approved by FDA (FDA 21 CFR 177.2600) and meets EU’s regulation EU 1935/2004. Fittings for cups are also available in acid proof stainless steel (316L) or Food-grade plastic material.

Different styles for different food types

There are many different styles of cups which are all designed to grip on food parts with irregular surfaces. Each product is suitable for different product types, from bread to frozen food:

  • B-BL – Bakery, Bellows Long, detectable

Size: 30–60 mm/1.18–2.36”

Suitable for: Handling bread and pastries.


  • F-BX – Food, 2½ Bellows, detectable

Size: 10–35 mm/0.39–1.38”

Suitable for: Handling frozen food and raw food.


  • F-OB – Food, Oval Bellows, detectable

Size: 10×30–30×60 mm/0.39×1.18–1.18×2.36”

Suitable for: Handling long and narrow food objects with maximum lifting force.


  • P-D – Pralines and confectionery, Deep, detectable

Size: 27–36 mm/1.06–1.42”

Suitable for: Handling pralines and confectionery such as chocolates.

Learn more

For more information, download the Piab brochure (PDF). To place an order, please call 1300 476 386 or email

Pneumatic Products signals growth with new Queensland branch

Wim Verhoeff Managing Director Pneumatic Products Queensland image

Wim Verhoeff, MD, Pneumatic Products, outside the new office in South East Queensland

Pneumatic Products opened a new branch to service its large customer base in Queensland and to further develop business within the Brisbane and South East Queensland regions. The Queensland branch is headed up by the company’s Managing Director, Wim Verhoeff, who has over four decades of experience in the fields of pneumatics and industrial vacuum technology.

“The Queensland market is very important to us as the manufacturing, materials handling and food and beverage sectors are very dynamic and growing at a fast pace,” said Verhoeff. “Our product brands and solutions are specific to these sectors of industry.”

The new office aims to provide an even better customer experience for local customers, both technically and logistically, by providing faster response times and face-to-face support.

To ensure that its recommended solutions effectively meet performance and reliability expectations, Pneumatic Products offers free product trials and testing for all of its vacuum automation and materials handling products in its Sydney head office. However, customers in Queensland can also benefit through the use of testing videos on request.  

The company will also ensure that products are readily available. “Initially, we will ship our products overnight from Sydney – direct to our customers,” said Verhoeff. “However, we envision that there will be local stock holding in the future.”

How Queensland customers can get in touch

If you’d like to book a meeting with Wim on-site at your location in South East Queensland, please email him directly at or call 0414 443 615.

About Pneumatic Products

Established in 1987, Pneumatic Products is an Australian-owned company providing industry-best products, intelligent solutions and exceptional service – to help your company improve productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Pneumatic Products Pty Ltd represents high quality brands including CKD, PIAB, JOULIN, PISCO, BIMBA, TOLOMATIC, LANAMATIC, ODE, KENOS, IZMAC and EXAIR.

The company’s product range includes push-in fittings and tubing, ISO 6431/6432 cylinders, rodless cylinders (all made in-house within 24 hours), air filtration and preparation equipment, vacuum conveyors, suction cups, vacuum pumps, foam vacuum grippers, industrial shock absorbers, static elimination products, air knives, safety air guns, and safety air nozzles.

Pneumatic Products also designs and builds either fully pneumatic or electro-pneumatic control panels and systems fully wired-up and programmed.


Robotic Automation Demonstrations

Pneumatic Products has created a unique demonstration area at our Seven Hills factory where you can see robotised automation in action. Our ABB robot is equipped with a Joulin foam gripper and vacuum system which enables the arm to pick up virtually anything.

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New Website Signals New Growth

We are proud to launch our new corporate website which allows us to announce recent changes. For a start, we have updated our branding design, we have added more product lines, and we have made our site even easier to locate exactly what you require.

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