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piFLOW - How to best convey tablets and capsules

piFLOW | How to best convey tablets and capsules

Piab has a full range of products applicable to the tablet and capsule production, from start to finish. The beauty of Piab’s vacuum conveying solutions lies in their adaptability. Our systems can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your production line, whether you’re dealing with different tablet sizes, capsule types, or a combination … Read more

Upgrade your tablet manufacturing process

Upgrade your tablet manufacturing process with vacuum conveying

If you are looking to increase efficiency and save costs in your tablet manufacturing, Piab has many product options to choose from. With the ability to convey powders into tablet form within a closed vacuum system. Piab eliminates the risk of contamination and product segregation. Piab’s compact piFLOW® allows for easy retrofitting into existing systems. … Read more

PIAB Vacuum Suction Cup showcase


When it comes to optimising grip performance in your automated processes, one crucial factor often overlooked is the selection of the right vacuum cup. To highlight the significance of this, we revisited a few videos from the past where we tested various vacuum cups for handling different materials such as paper slip sheets, cardboard layer … Read more

Piab in the Nutraceutical Industry

Piab in the Nutraceutical Industry

In the dynamic world of nutraceutical manufacturing, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Piab is here to offer a range of cutting-edge solutions for every stage of your nutraceutical production line. If you’re in the business of transforming powders into tablets, PIAB’s ‘piFLOW’ vacuum conveyor systems have just the answer for your materials handling needs.  PIAB’s … Read more

Cobot Palletizing Tool | Demonstration

If you are looking to increase efficiency and save costs in your palletizing operations, PIAB has introduced the CPT, Cobot Palletizing Tool. With its integrated piSMART® Valve Unit and multi-zone gripper surface the CPT increased the productivity of your warehouse processes. This multi-zone gripping surface allows the handling of different carton sizes or multiple cartons … Read more

Join the Pneumatic Products Team | Sydney Jobs

Join the Pneumatic Products Team

We’re looking for an energetic salesperson for a van sales/service position. Pneumatic Products is an Australian-owned company providing industry-best products, intelligent solutions and exceptional service. After an internal promotion, we’re searching for our next superstar salesperson for our van sales/service role. About you: About the role: Our van sales/service roles are on the road, selling … Read more

Edwin Verhoeff and Neal Hide at JOULIN Stand at LIGNA 2023 | Pneumatic Products

Insights from LIGNA 2023

Edwin Verhoeff and Neal Hide of Pneumatic Products share their insights after attending the world’s largest timber industry trade show LIGNA 2023.  Hosted in Hannover Germany, over 1,300 companies from 50 different countries presented their solutions for the wood industry, woodworking trades and the primary sector. More than 80,000 visitors from across the world visited … Read more

Case Study | Vacuum Packaging Cocktail Sausages

Case Study: Robotic Packing of Cocktail Sausage Packs

Pneumatic Products was approached by a sausage manufacturer to solve an issue with the reliability of their cocktail sausage robotic cartoner. The problem: The existing robots vacuum system was not picking the packs reliably, causing missed picks and down time. The pickup surface is highly variable due to the shrink-wrapped nature of the packs and … Read more

Mobile Air Fittings Van Pneumatic Products

Mobile Air Fittings Service Van

Our mobile air fittings service offers delivery direct to your store or workshop, and regular visits scheduled for your company’s needs. The service van and team also provide maintenance of your existing fittings racks and drawers, advice on the best fittings for an application and assistance sourcing any pneumatic or vacuum products you need. Contact … Read more

Tru blu case study image 1

Case Study: Robot De-palletising – Custom Foam Pad Vacuum Gripper

Edwin Verhoeff, Pneumatic Products vacuum specialist, was recently called on to provide a solution for an aging, high maintenance and unreliable robotic vacuum head on a de-palletiser line. Brief: The customer required a reliable and efficient replacement robot vacuum head to move shrink wrapped 6 pack beverage cans from pallets to a belt conveyor and … Read more