Insights from LIGNA 2023

Edwin Verhoeff and Neal Hide of Pneumatic Products share their insights after attending the world’s largest timber industry trade show LIGNA 2023. 

Hosted in Hannover Germany, over 1,300 companies from 50 different countries presented their solutions for the wood industry, woodworking trades and the primary sector.

More than 80,000 visitors from across the world visited the three-day event. Bringing together the brightest minds in the woodworking and wood processing industry, the trade show is an opportunity to discover the latest technologies and products. One of Pneumatic Products’ leading partners, JOULIN, was in attendance, sharing new developments and advancements in vacuum technology that will benefit and improve the efficiencies of the timber industry here in Australia. 

Take a look around the JOULIN Stand

And imagine you were right there in Hannover, Germany, with the Pneumatics Product team. 

Introducing the JOULIN 150T 

The Joulin 150T is a standardised small gantry robot for stacking/de-stacking up to 4 cycles per minute and 150kg per layer. No adjustment is required for variable layers or products by using Joulin’s Wave System™ grippers. It can be used for moulder infeed, cross cut saw infeed or rip saw infeed. The Joulin 150T offers end-of-line stacking or for a band saw outfeed. It can be used for layers up to 5000mm long. We know this will be an essential option for some of our clients with limited space in their timber plant. 

The innovative JOULIN 700T with Timber Gantry

The Joulin 700T is a high-speed stacker or de-stacker offering up to 6 cycles per minute and up to 700kg per layer. What also makes this gantry robot so interesting is the innovative gantry frame is made of timber! Take a look at it in action. 

As with the Joulin 150T, there is no adjustment required for variable layers widths or products by using Joulin’s  Wave System™ grippers. It can pick or release on multiple positions and isn’t sensitive to dust or moisture. There are options for radio-control and also switching from a single board to a complete layer by rotating the grippers. 

The JOULIN 700T is ideal for:

  • Molder, cross cut saw, rip saw infeed (several lines can be fed with one gantry robot)
  • Joinery machine infeed and outfeed
  • End of line stacking
  • Band saw outfeed
  • Sticking de-sticking after or before kilns

And the JOULIN Speed Stacker 

Introducing the JOULIN Speed Stacker. This new 4-axis stacker is dedicated to the needs of lumber stacking after a band saw or sorting after a dry kiln. Easily controlled and driven by radio control, the stacker also integrates the latest generation of SEW USOCOME servomotors: giving it fluid and fast movements and making it the perfect tool to meet the need for high speed stacking and sorting over a large area.

Interested in seeing it in action?

LIGNA 2023 wrap up 

The key theme throughout the show was the importance of wood as a renewable resource and its role in the overall decarbonization process. From this, the timber industry is becoming increasingly important, there are new opportunities and innovative ideas and solutions leading the way, with sustainability at the forefront. 

“It was fantastic to see the latest products on show and meet with peers and valued partners. Building these connections is important, so we can bring the latest technologies from all over the world direct to our customers in Australia” Edwin Verhoeff, Vacuum Specialist

After so many years, there was an incredible atmosphere at LIGNA 2023. We really valued seeing the innovative and sustainable solutions from the exhibitors and how these could help our customers. Meeting up with our long-time partners JOULIN and PIAB was a highlight.” Neal Hide, General Manager 

Coming together for LIGNA 2023 was a significant milestone after a few years of uncertainty due to covid, and the Pneumatic Products team are already looking forward to LIGNA 2025. If you would like to know more about LIGNA 2023 or the latest JOULIN products for your timber mill, contact our team here or call us on 1300 4 PNEUMATICS (1300 476 386).

Edwin Verhoeff and Neal Hide from Pneumatic Products at LIGNA 2023