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Joulin is a leading supplier specialising in End of Arm Tools (EOATs) designed for a wide range of industrial applications. Their product line of pneumatic EOATs is particularly renowned for its versatility, efficiency, and robust performance in various material handling and manufacturing processes. Below is an overview of the solutions these tools offer and the range and type of applications they support.

Solutions offered in the Joulin range

Material Handling: Joulin’s pneumatic EOATs can handle a variety of materials, including delicate and porous items. Their vacuum technology allows for the efficient and safe handling of items such as cardboard, wood, plastics, and even food products, ensuring minimal damage during the process.

Pick and Place: These tools are optimised for high-speed pick-and-place operations. The precision and control offered by Joulin’s pneumatic systems enable accurate and rapid movement of items, enhancing productivity in assembly lines and packaging processes.

Palletizing and Depalletizing: Joulin’s EOATs are ideal for automating the stacking and unstacking of products on pallets. Their ability to handle different shapes and sizes of items with varying weights makes them suitable for complex palletizing tasks in industries like logistics and warehousing.

Assembly Operations: In manufacturing, Joulin’s pneumatic EOATs facilitate the assembly of components by precisely positioning and securing parts. This capability is critical in the automotive, electronics, and consumer goods industries where accuracy and consistency are paramount.

Comprehensive range tailored to various industrial needs

Vacuum Grippers: These are the most versatile tools in Joulin’s lineup, designed to handle different shapes and materials through efficient vacuum suction. They come in various configurations to suit specific application needs.

Foam Grippers: Ideal for handling uneven and porous surfaces, foam grippers adapt to the contours of the items, providing a secure grip without damaging delicate surfaces. They are commonly used in wood processing industries.

Customised Solutions: Joulin also offers customised EOAT solutions to meet unique application requirements. These bespoke tools are designed in collaboration with customers to address specific challenges in their operations.

Standard Modular Grippers: For more straightforward applications, Joulin provides a range of modular grippers that can be quickly deployed and integrated into existing systems. These tools offer a balance of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Multi-function Grippers: These grippers combine different gripping technologies to handle a variety of tasks within a single operation, enhancing the efficiency and versatility of automated systems.

Used in diverse industries

Packaging: For pick-and-place, palletizing, and depalletizing tasks.

Logistics and Warehousing: For material handling, sorting, and inventory management.

Food and Beverage: For handling food products with hygiene and care, ensuring safety and quality.

Wood Processing: For handling raw materials and finished products without causing surface damage.

Automotive: For assembly line automation, parts handling, and quality inspection.

Joulin’s pneumatic and vacuum range represents a robust and adaptable solution for various industrial applications. Their products are designed to enhance efficiency, precision, and safety in material handling and manufacturing processes. By providing both standard and customised solutions.

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