Piab releases detectable suction cups for food

Pneumatic Products is proud to now distribute metal detectable suction cups by Piab — the market’s largest supplier of suction cups.

Improved food safety

Piab’s new range of suction cups are blue and detectable, so small parts of cups that might come loose will be easily discovered by vision cameras and metal detectors. All of Piab’s suction cups and fittings have a hygienic design in accordance with food standards, making them easy to clean.

Additionally, the material is approved by FDA (FDA 21 CFR 177.2600) and meets EU’s regulation EU 1935/2004. Fittings for cups are also available in acid proof stainless steel (316L) or Food-grade plastic material.

Different styles for different food types

There are many different styles of cups which are all designed to grip on food parts with irregular surfaces. Each product is suitable for different product types, from bread to frozen food:

  • B-BL – Bakery, Bellows Long, detectable

Size: 30–60 mm/1.18–2.36”

Suitable for: Handling bread and pastries.

  • F-BX – Food, 2½ Bellows, detectable

Size: 10–35 mm/0.39–1.38”

Suitable for: Handling frozen food and raw food.

  • F-OB – Food, Oval Bellows, detectable

Size: 10×30–30×60 mm/0.39×1.18–1.18×2.36”

Suitable for: Handling long and narrow food objects with maximum lifting force.

  • P-D – Pralines and confectionery, Deep, detectable

Size: 27–36 mm/1.06–1.42”

Suitable for: Handling pralines and confectionery such as chocolates.

Learn more

For more information, download the Piab brochure (PDF). To place an order, please call 1300 476 386 or email sales@pneumatics.com.au.