How to increase your Timber Industry business productivity & profitability with Pneumatic Products

Established in Sydney in 1987, Pneumatic Products was first launched to fulfill a need in the pneumatic industry for a full-service distributor offering an exceptional customer experience and the supply of innovative industry-leading pneumatic and vacuum products across Australia. We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs, and ultimately, choose the best products to increase productivity and profitability. 

The timber industry underpins important high demand supply chains within the Australian design, manufacturing, construction and property sectors. Because of this high demand, it is important for timber mills around the country to increase manufacturing safety, efficiency and profitably. By using vacuum gripper gantry systems to automate timber handling operations, manufacturing processes can more easily achieve these goals. 

Our Industrial Vacuum Automation and Conveying division has over 20 years experience of working closely with our clients and partners to understand these processes and the latest innovations for your specific needs. And that’s why we partner with the leaders in vacuum handling, Joulin. 

Who is Joulin? 

For over 60 years, the family owned business Joulin has been at the forefront of design and innovation in vacuum handling. Specialising in the wood industry, they continue to develop advanced technology solutions for a wide range of timber transfer applications. They have many standard and custom designed systems, Joulin Gantry Robots, in timber mills all over the world including Australia.

We believe their technologies and continued innovations provide our wood industry clients with the best automation solutions for their business.

The Joulin Gantry Robots in action 

The Joulin Vacuum Gantry Systems automate feeding of high speed production lines including stacking, de-stacking of timber and CLT (cross laminated timber) applications. This efficiency can allow your business to increase safety, efficiency and profitability. Watch this 90 second compilation video which shows many examples of how Joulin Gantry Robot systems can be used in your business.

Joulin Gantry Robot Vid

How do you know the best solution for your business? 

It can be hard to determine which products offer the best solution for your business needs without guidance and knowledge of the latest innovations. When you work with Pneumatic Products, you have access to our Industrial Vacuum Automation and Conveying division, led by Edwin Verhoeff, providing you with a direct point of contact. Edwin has over 23+ years of experience, and specialist knowledge of the industry, and is there to guide you, ensuring you find the right Joulin product for your business. 

If you’d like to learn more or have projects you’d like to advance, please contact Edwin on 0410 454 002 or via email on You can also contact the office on 1300 4 PNEUMATICS (1300 476 386).