Robotic Automation Demonstrations

Pneumatic Products has created a unique demonstration area at our Seven Hills factory where you can see robotised automation in action. Our ABB robot is equipped with a Joulin foam gripper and vacuum system which enables the arm to pick up virtually anything.

The gripper is designed to work with a wide range of product surfaces, materials, weights and volumes. For example, in one movement it will lift full paint tins and on the next movement pick up a pallet of bottled water. Curved surfaces, polished surfaces and surfaces which have a degree of movement (for example, cement bags) are handled with ease.

The demonstration robot enables you to conduct a real-life time/cost comparison with your currrent pick-pack materials handling methods. Bring your products over and we will happily put them to the test. Concrete blocks, packets of rice, tiles or pavers, foam trays. Everything is gripped and moves with ease.

What you will find is that an automated process improves your efficiency, reduces the incidence of personal injury, results in less breakages, and dramatically speeds up delivery cycles.

Pneumatic Products offers a turn-key solution from creating the programming to command the robot, to sourcing the most relevant robot, to equipping it with Joulin technology, to installation and induction.

Robotic Automation Demonstrations