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KENOS KHVG Foam Grippers

KENOS KHVG Foam Grippers

Kenos® Heavy Vacuum KHVG series products, are designed for heavy duty applications in the wood and stone industry. KHVG gripping systems are suitable for handling, normally complete layer, of sawn timber, heavy planking, raw wood and materials for building, such as bricks. They are also useful to handle very long and arcuate workpieces. KHVG systems are … Read more

KENOS KVG Foam Grippers

KENOS KVG Foam Grippers

The KVG series represents a flexible solution for handling products with different shapes and dimensions. Thanks to the double technology available (check valves and flow reducers) many industrial sector applications can be fulfilled. The KVG gripping system can be equipped with an integrated vacuum generation, or a separated vacuum generation through a pump or side … Read more

KENOS KVG Suction Cup Grippers

KENOS KVG Suction Cup Grippers

Italian innovation backed by the international resources of the PIAB Group. Kenos® provides a turn-key solution for automated gripping of objects of different shapes and sizes – such as building materials, glass, stone, wood, metal sheets, packaging, bags, sacks, food items and electronics. A large product range is available to suit specific applications – either … Read more

Pneumatic trouble shooting

Wim Verhoeff explains the common misconceptions of valve and cylinder leakages through this Pneumatic trouble shooting.

Hydraulic Shock Absorbers and Buffers image

Industrial Shock Absorbers

Wide model range from light to heavy duty Self-compensating or adjustable models Velocity range: 0.1 to 5m/sec Threaded bodies for easy installation and heat dissipation Temperature range from -40 to +120°C possible Hydraulic buffers available Hydraulic Shock Absorbers and Buffers For more information visit the product website →

CKD Vacuum Valves image

CKD Vacuum Valves

Highly reliable & easy to use Air operated, NC single-acting or double-acting Multiple sensor positions available Orifice sizes from 17mm – 80mm Flanged connections Long life CKD Vacuum Valves For more information visit the product website →

Non-Return Valves image

Non-Return Valves

Completely prevents reverse flow of fluids/air Port sizes: 1/8” to 1 ½” Compact Wide range of seal options Non-Return Valves For more information visit the product website →