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Vaculex – Vacuum Tube Lifters

Vacuum Grippers & Lifters - Vaculex image

The Vaculex® Vacuum Tube Lifter is efficient, versatile, simple to install and user-friendly. It’s designed to lift a variety of heavy objects, for ‘weightless’ moving, loading and stacking. Its ability to lift loads up to 200kg ensures easy lifting of objects such as suitcases, boxes, auto parts, building materials, food sacks, glass sheets, crates, and more. 

The complete Vaculex® Vacuum Tube Lifter system includes:

  • pump
  • vacuum hose
  • lift tube
  • control unit
  • suction foot or gripping tool.

To find out more, enquire online or call 1300 476 386.

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Anti-bacterial Filters

Anti-bacterial Filters image
  • Bacteria removing technology – using silver-based anti-bacterial agents
  • Internal parts made of materials compliant with Food Sanitation Law
  • External parts made of materials with anti-bacterial properties
  • To be used where compressed air comes into contact with food

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ODE Timers

ODE Timers image
  • High quality – Made in Italy
  • Analogue or digital versions
  • Adjustable ON/OFF time and timing ranges
  • Designed to be ‘sandwiched’ between valve and it’s electrical plug connector

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