Joulin Timber Stacker Range

Joulin | End of arm tools

Joulin is a leading supplier specialising in End of Arm Tools (EOATs) designed for a wide range of industrial applications. Their product line of pneumatic EOATs is particularly renowned for its versatility, efficiency, and robust performance in various material handling and manufacturing processes. Below is an overview of the solutions these tools offer and the … Read more

Joulin Timber Stacker

Optimise your Operations | Industrial Timber Solutions

Pneumatic solutions have revolutionised the timber industry by enhancing efficiency, safety, and versatility in various handling and processing operations. With advanced vacuum technology and innovative gripper designs, pneumatic systems streamline the handling of timber products, from raw lumber to finished wood components. Key Features and Advantages Applications in the Timber Industry Pneumatic solutions significantly enhance … Read more

Image of the de-stacker and replaced grippers in action in the factory

Case Study: De-stacker Upgrade

Pneumatic Product’s vacuum specialist, Edwin Verhoeff, was involved in the retrofit of a customer’s Timber Gantry de-stacking system due to poor grip performance and reliability from a competitor’s gripper design. Brief: Problems With Existing Competitor Gripper  The company was experiencing issues with their existing gantry system supplied by a competitor from initial installation.  This included … Read more

Joulin vacuum gripper devices

Case Study: CLT – Cross Laminated Timber Manufacturer

Pneumatic Product’s vacuum specialist, Edwin Verhoeff, was recently involved in the supply of two large scale Joulin vacuum gripper devices for a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) manufacturer. Brief: Pneumatic solutions for new CLT manufacturer A large timber products manufacturer was establishing a new CLT plant in New Zealand and required large vacuum devices to handle … Read more

Mechanical Grippers SRT Soft Grippers

SRT Soft Grippers

Whether it’s fresh fruits of different sizes, fragile raw eggs of 0.04 to 0.05 mm, or hot biscuits just baked, SRT flexible gripper fixture can grasp and sort quickly and accurately. Many combinations of gripper configurations possible to suit a wide range of workpiece shapes and sizes. The wrapped soft gripping of SRT flexible gripper … Read more

Mechanical Grippers PIAB piSOFTGRIP


piSOFTGRIP® has gripping fingers and a vacuum cavity, all made in one piece, resulting in a simple and robust product. As it is vacuum-driven, the gripping force can easily be controlled by simply adjusting the vacuum level. Suitable for lightweight sensitive small objects with odd geometries and/or an unusual surfaces. Recommended sizes of the objects … Read more

KENOS KVG Foam Grippers

KENOS Product Overview Brochure

Italian innovation backed by the international resources of the PIAB Group. Kenos® provides a turn-key solution for automated gripping of objects of different shapes and sizes – such as building materials, glass, stone, wood, metal sheets, packaging, bags, sacks, food items and electronics. A large product range is available to suit specific applications – either … Read more

KENOS KVGL Custom Grippers

KENOS KVGL Custom Grippers

Kenos® Vacuum Layer – Cans Jars, born for the need to handle the complete layer of cans, jars that can be open or closed on the gripping area. Typical industrial segments involved are palletizing or de-palletizing in packaging, beverage, food. KENOS KVGL Custom Grippers For more information visit the product website →