Piab releases piCOBOT® for Universal Robots

Piab – a market leader in automated smart solutions – has released its newest vacuum gripper, piCOBOT®.

A revolution in automated manufacturing

Piab’s piCOBOT® has been certified by the worldwide leader in collaborative robotics, Universal Robots.

Collaborative robots (also known as cobots) are a safer and smaller alternative to workplace environments. Cobots are expertly designed to work alongside humans, rather than within a protective enclosure.

Usually, collaborative robots only have a payload of up to 10 kilograms, whereas traditional multi-axis robots have payloads of up to 500 kilograms. Due to the limited payload of the smaller collaborative robots, they are much more ‘sensitive’ to human contact and as such are designed to come to an instant stop should this contact occur. This, therefore, means that piCOBOT® is extremely safe, and doesn’t need to operate within a safety enclosure.

The collaborative piCOBOT®

piCOBOT® is a cleverly equipped end-of-arm vacuum tool offering ergonomic, adaptable and user-friendly solutions to those working in the manufacturing industry. Its compressed air-driven vacuum works as an “extra pair of hands”, flexibly co-working alongside human employees in a variety of production, packaging and assembly lines.

It features the company’s signature vacuum technology to enable efficiency and productivity in working environments. These gripping and moving solutions help industries improve overall energy consumption and safety to reduce the risk of injury to your team.


piCOBOT® comprises of a vacuum pump unit, a gripper unit and two suction cups. A standard kit includes four sets of different suction cup models suitable for a range of work-types, however, customers can choose from the extensive Piab range for more tailored solutions.

It features plug-and-play extensions to the latest cobots and URCaps plug-in software to ensure easy programming and quick installation of piCOBOT® to your workplace. It also features soft design lines to ensure zero injuries if collisions occur, COAX® cartridge technology for reduced energy consumption, and piSAVE® Sense valve integration for object sensing technology.

The compact 69-millimetre low built height design ensures maximum flexibility and reach, with 97-142 mm wide and +/-15 degree tiltable gripper arms. Despite the build of piCOBOT® weighing in at only 510 grams with additional gripper at 210 grams: the cobot is strong for its size, lifting objects up to seven kilograms in size, making it the perfect collaborative robot tool.

Improve workflow and productivity

To learn more about Piab’s piCOBOT®, download the brochure. To speak to our professional team about this innovation, please call 1300 476 386 or email sales@pneumatics.com.au.