Piab Takes Vacuum Conveying to a Whole New Level

Need to improve your manufacturing efficiency and performance? Pneumatic Products is proud to distribute a self-optimising vacuum conveyor by our official stockist, Piab

Machine learning at Pneumatic Products 

In a world-first, piFLOW®p SMART uses a combination of smart software and sensor technology to assist industries in handling a number of materials at a time. Dubbed the ‘Changeover Champion’, the conveyor provides a quick changeover of materials and allows entire volumes of containers to be utilised in minutes. Suited to those in the food and pharma industries, the vacuum conveyor is designed to increase the productivity of operations by smoothing out the processes of changing materials and adapting to your needs. 

piFLOW®p SMART is a complete system, utilising a vacuum created with compressed air and Piab’s COAX technology and the system’s Electrical Control Unit which automatically controls the pump. 

Parts of the vacuum conveyor include:

  • The Pipeline Emptying Unit with a vertical lift of between eight and 25 metres which ensures the conveying lines are properly emptied, preventing blockages. The vertical pipeline sections are cleared following each suction cycle which can be adjusted by the electrical control unit. 
  • Level Sensors are calibrated and optimised for each material and are strategically placed to prevent overfilling and monitor the emptying process. 
  • The Air Carrying Unit automatically sets and continuously adjusts the air carrying ratio during the entire cycle. Using machine learning in the integrated unit, it eliminates the need for feed adaptor tuning and guarantees optimal transportation of materials. 

Designed to be easy to use and install, piFLOW®p SMART is operated through a user-friendly touch screen with built-in features such as air-assisted sensor cleaning. The continuous auto-tuning also allows processes to run as smoothly as possible.

Smooth processes with piFLOW®p SMART

Promoting both performance and productivity, piFLOW®p SMART allows you to change materials up to six times faster. Changes that would normally take one hour in a conventional vacuum conveyor take just ten minutes in piFLOW®p SMART! Plus, changeover times aren’t the only process smoothed out. This is because the tuning of discharge time is no longer dependent on the skills and experience of operators – which will save you both time and money.

The new vacuum conveyor has the ability to store material settings and offer further performance and productivity enhancements, guaranteeing a flawless flow in every conveying cycle. From configuring itself and adjusting quickly to settings, to taking into consideration the environmental conditions of temperature and humidity, it beats even the most experienced operator. Best of all, it requires minimal maintenance so you can focus your time and energy on more important tasks. 

Looking to promote your productivity?

Promote your productivity with the seamless performance of piFLOW®p SMART by official stockist Piab, and place an order by calling 1300 476 386 or emailing sales@pneumatics.com.au.