EXAIR Spot Coolers image

EXAIR Spot Coolers

Uses Vortex tube to produce cold air down to -46°C Refrigeration up to 10,200 Btu/hour No moving parts – maintenance free Adjustable temperature Compact Stainless steel construction EXAIR Spot Coolers

EXAIR Cabinet Coolers image

EXAIR Cabinet Coolers

Low cost, reliable method to cool and purge electronic control panels No moving parts Stop electronic control downtime due to heat, dirt and moisture Can be thermostatically controlled to maintain constant internal temperature and reduce air consumption and reduce operating cost To NEMA 12, 4 and 4X (IP54 to IP66) standards – for indoor or … Read more

EXAIR Drum Vacs image

EXAIR Drum Vacs

No moving parts Automatic safety shut-off prevents overfilling Maintenance free – rugged construction Portable Various models for picking up heavy oils, coolants, sludge, chips, liquid with solids, liquid spills HEPA models available EXAIR Drum Vacs

EXAIR Line Vacs - Conveying image

EXAIR Line Vacs – Conveying

Convey parts, bulk materials, waste – with no moving parts Models in aluminium and stainless steel Heavy Duty models for conveying abrasive materials – high volume capability Unthreaded, threaded and Sanitary Flanged models (316 stainless steel) EXAIR Line Vacs – Conveying

EXAIR Safety Air Guns image

EXAIR Safety Air Guns

Guns with safety ‘chip’ shields Safety air nozzles to OSHA standards PEEK plastic or stainless steel nozzles available Efficient, engineered nozzles that amplify air using the Coanda effect. Heavy Duty variants – rugged construction! Extended nozzles (up to 1830 mm) available for hard to reach locations EXAIR Safety Air Guns

EXAIR Air Atomising Spray Nozzles image

EXAIR Air Atomising Spray Nozzles

All stainless steel construction for durability and corrosion resistance Combine liquid and compressed air Fully adjustable Very fine mists possible Large variety of spray patterns EXAIR Air Atomising Spray Nozzles

EXAIR Air Nozzles and Jets image

EXAIR Air Nozzles & Jets

Engineered air nozzles to reduce noise & conserve compressed air usage Reduce operating costs Safe – meet OSHA standards for noise and pressure Huge variety of nozzle types and sizes Stainless steel and Peek versions available for corrosive environments EXAIR Air Nozzles and Jets