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Value Line

Vacuum Automation PIAB Value Line image

Good performance at a ‘Value’ price. These cups are suitable for more basic applications where speed and surfaces to be gripped are less challenging. Flat, bellows and long bellows configurations are available with thin sealing lip for strong grip on cartons, metal sheets, wood, mechanical parts, etc. Available 20-75 mm diameter.

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Vacuum Automation PIAB Universal Cups image

Specifically designed to attach to flat, curved or concave surfaces. Wide variety of sizes from outer diameter 2.6 – 51.4 mm. Manufactured from different materials including Conductive silicone which is suitable for objects with sensitivity to static electricity.

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Vacuum Automation PIAB piGRIP Cups image

This piGRIP modular suction cup has thousands of configurations to grip all types of objects – from cardboard cartons to thin-walled plastic bags and sachets. Select from an extensive range of fittings and flow restrictions, filters, bellows and optimized suction lips.


Gripper grabbers are ideal for handling sensitive-fragile objects such as glass and fruit. Fine-tune the grabbing force by regulating vacuum pressure.


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