PISCO Function Fittings

Non-return image


Check Valve permits the air flow in one direction but checks the flow in the opposite direction, thus keeping the output pressure at a constant level. Non-return For more information visit the product website →

Hand Valve image

Hand Valve

Hand Valve turns on and off air pressure to pneumatic devices Three-directional control valve discharges the residual pressure Suitable for frequent maintenance at output-side devices 4 different function types available Hand Valve For more information visit the product website →

Speed Flow Control image

Speed/Flow Control

The most standard Speed Control Valve for driving devices Banjo and in-line versions available, swivel connections, etc Multi-stage flow controls available. The function of a shock absorber is built into a speed controller Two-stage exhausting flow rate adjustment make the same control as a cylinder with a shock absorber possible Speed/Flow Control For more information … Read more