Case Study: piFLOW Dry Pet Food Vacuum Conveying

Pneumatic Product’s vacuum team was requested to provide a proposal for a PIAB piFLOW vacuum conveying system to transfer dry Dog & Cat food pellets.

Brief:  Reliable and efficient system for pet food pellets required 

The customer was looking for a reliable and efficient system to move various pet food pellets from their production outfeed to a bulk bag container.

Requirements included: 

  • Transfer of Dog & Cat food pellets from production to bulk bag.
  • Vertical lift was approximately 5.6 meters and the horizontal 27.5 meters.
  • Product bulk density: ranged between 480 to 650 kg/m³
  • The maximum conveying rate required: 1 tonne per hour.
  • Product is relatively free-flowing and non-bridging.
  • Large particle sizes.

Investigative process: Data gathering & PIAB Technical Support 

The Pneumatic Products team gathered the necessary data and worked in conjunction with PIAB technical support to initially offer a suitably sized and specified piFLOWp 316SS system.

The proposal was given provisional approval pending product conveying trials. 

Solution: PIAB piFLOWp 316SS vacuum conveyor system

Our vacuum team worked on a solution and specified a PIAB piFLOWp 316SS vacuum conveyor system. We conducted product trials with the Pneumatic Products demonstration system, which confirmed the suitability of the vacuum system to convey the products.

An order was subsequently placed, and the system was supplied in due course.  Commissioning assistance was given by Pneumatic Products engineers throughout and the system was put into production.

Result: One happy customer with a reliable and efficient vacuum conveyor system

The system worked so well that a subsequent identical second system was ordered, supplied, installed and commissioned in another part of the plant.

Do you need to transfer dry material in your manufacturing plant? 

If you are looking for a solution to transfer dry material in your warehouse, we have the vacuum conveying solution for you. We are able to cater for: 

  • food ingredients such as milk powder, cereals grains and coffee beans/powder
  • pharmaceutical powders or tablets & capsules
  • pet food products
  • industrial powders and granules 

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