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Extra Safety

Vacuum Automation PIAB Extra Safety Pump image

Features high-security design and the most energy efficient solution for sealed material. Patented COAX® technology with an automatic air saving function. The result is almost-zero energy consumption.

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Vacuum Automation PIAB Compact/Stackable Pumps image

Innovative vacuum generators with fully integrated user-friendly controls. User interface with display, key pad, and optical indicators. Features the only 10 mm COMPACT® ejector with a large 6 mm vacuum connection for maximum vacuum performance. A simple M8-6 pin electrical connector.

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Inline Pumps

Vacuum Automation PIAB Inline Pumps image

Small and lightweight, the piINLINE pumps feature patented COAX® technology delivering higher performance with up to 50 per cent less energy consumption compared to single stage ejectors.

COAX® Si/Ti cartridge offers extra vacuum flow.

COAX® Bi cartridge provides reliability at low feed pressures.

COAX® Ti/Xi Cartridge for high flow-deep vacuum.

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Vacuum Cartridges

Vacuum Automation PIAB Vacuum Cartridges image

Smaller, more reliable and more efficient than conventional ejectors. Using the PIAB Patented COAX® technology they deliver up to 300 per cent more vacuum flow. Extensive range to suit all applications from low feed pressures to high vacuum flow. MIDI, MINI, MICRO, Bi, Pi, Si, Ti, Xi and Di models.

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